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Inspection & Testing

Our Extensive Mechanical Testing Services

Let our consultants help you maintain a safe work environment that produces high-quality products. At The MMR Group, Inc., we provide a wide variety of mechanical testing services to ensure that your company is using processes and materials that are effective and will stand the test of time.

Process Safety Management & Mechanical Integrity Inspection

We can help you design and/or perform inspections as part of your mechanical integrity inspections and quality assurance programs. Our team members utilize the latest methods and equipment, including the IRIS ultrasonic inspection system, as well as a variety of conventional non-destructive testing techniques.

Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

Non-Destructive inspection is a reliable and convenient method used to inspect a wide range of parts, components, and materials. These techniques are employed to detect surface, subsurface, and internal defects. This is an essential tool to ensure product quality, safety, and reliability.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is used to determine a material's strength by applying loads that pull, compress, impact, bend, or cycle the material. Along with simulated service testing, these techniques can be used to determine a material's or component's durability, performance capability, or life expectancy in regards to everyday applications.

Corrosion Testing

Every year, environmental degradation of materials related to corrosion accounts for $280 billion dollars in damage to metallic structures. Our proven corrosion testing protocols and analysis can help to ensure failure prevention.