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Materials Analysis

Analyzing Composition & Mechanics

You should always be aware of what is in the materials your company uses. With the help of The MMR Group, Inc., you will get detailed reports about the composition of metals, plastics, and more. We can also provide failure analysis in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

Composition Analysis

Experience is of key importance when it comes to analytical chemistry. When it comes to composition analysis, our chemists combine their years of experience with modern techniques and equipment to provide accurate, reliable results. In the past, we have successfully analyzed a variety of materials, including:

Organic & Inorganic Residues & Deposits

Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis

Superior metallurgical testing services should include the capabilities to perform microscopic, macroscopic, and scanning electron microscope examinations. Our metallurgists and analysts have experience examining all three of these aspects. We cover a wide variety of material microstructures and are versed in many aspects of materials science.

Failure Analysis

When failures occur, we get to the root cause with our investigative expertise. Our experts have extensive experience with many aspects of materials engineering, failure analysis, and professional materials consulting. With knowledge about many facets of the manufacturing processes, product performance, and design criteria, our professional services are second to none.