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Materials Testing for a Variety of Industries

In the materials industry, knowledge is power, and we want to ensure that you have as much power as possible. The MMR Group, Inc. is a consortium of three independent laboratories that specialize in the practical application of materials engineering, materials testing, materials engineering, failure analysis, forensic engineering, and non-destructive inspection. With the help of our consulting firm, your company has the opportunity to use the best components and materials on the market, to maintain a safe work environment, and to be thoroughly prepared for any legal proceedings. To reach any of our three laboratories just click on the "Contact" button above for a direct link to each of them.

Ensure that your company is using the best materials available.
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Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine


Composition Analysis
Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis
Failure Analysis
Process Safety Management & Mechanical Integrity Inspection
 Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection
Mechanical Testing
Corrosion Testing
Expert Witness Services
Scanning Electron Microscopy
 IRIS Ultrasonic Inspection


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